Data is Beautiful is initiated by Kitchen Budapest Kitchen Budapest

Data is Beautiful Conference

Data from the view of Society, Science, Art, Design and Technology

2–6 October , Budapest


2–3 October

ART day by MKE + Culturelab

You can find the program and more info here.

4 October

Science day by ELTE + KIBU

University of Science, 1088 Budapest, Múzeum Krt. 6-8.

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5 October

Design + Technology day by Kitchen Budapest

Kitchen Budapest, 1092-Budapest, Ráday u. 30, bejárat a Biblia-közből

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Október 5. 19:30 – Október 6. 19:30

Come and work with us in these dynamic 24 hours! We are waiting for you if you are:

» an expert in the fight against corruption
» a programmer and you are quite good at open source platforms
» a graphic designer or artist who is familiar with information and data visualization

During the Data is Beautiful event-series we are organizing a Hackathon as part of Transparency International and Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) global call where in cooperation with several chapters from different regions we would like to promote, scale up and integrate innovative and sustainable Information and Communications Technology solutions and visualizing methods in the fight against corruption.

Every country has a local theme regarding corruption. In Hungary we will work on the relationship of young people and corruption, based on a 2012 questionnaire and a study made by TI Hungary. Our aim is to encourage youngsters to realize corruption in their everyday life, and to support them with online/offline tools in fighting against it.

What is a Hackathon?
An event series for programmers, with a duration of 24-48-hours, where designers create creative open source solutions for a special theme.


19:30, 5 October – 19:30, 6 October

Kitchen Budapest
Budapest, IX. district, Ráday utca 30., entrance from Biblia köz.

Application deadline:
12:00, 5 October

Application fee:

Data visualization
For graphics designers and artists
Hack/Open source platform development
For hackers, developers and people who are interested in ant-corruption platforms

Teams will be formed at the event.

Transparency International awards the best open source developer team with 1000 Euros, and invites them to Berlin in December along with the best teams from each country participating in the october event. További díjakat is adunk a Hackathon partnerei jóvoltából.

Find the Hungarian database (in English) here:
Youth Integrity Survey Hungary


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The program-series is part of the official program of Design Week Budapest. Distribution partner is

Curators of the Data is Beautiful program series: Nina Czeglédy and Eszter Bircsák (design, technology, science and society sections).
Henrik Hargitai: program director of the science section.
Brigitta Zics: program director of the art section.

Financial background of the program-series by Kitchen Budapest, Fine Arts University, a Newcastle Culture Lab, and the Ministry of National Resources (NKA)